Thursday, January 29, 2009

If You've Obviously Dyed Your Hair, Why Do People Ask?

So yesterday I was talking on the phone to the boyfriend, and we were discussing hair colours, makeup, etc (I know, lucky him right? hahaha).

I recently went from having blonde hair to black hair, and the most common question that I was asked happened to be:

"Did you dye your hair?"

Well.... considering that my hair was pretty much white before, and now it's almost completely black.... well I guess hair DOES tend to change colour dramatically when you count more than 200 sheep jumpin over that good ol' fence....


Mind you, I have probably been guilty of asking this same question... but it just leaves me wondering... why don't people just say, "oh, you dyed your hair." Is it more polite to ask it in the form of a question?

What do you think?


  1. sometimes we just carry words on the tip of our tongues and they just fall out without us realising!
    mmmm hope that makes some sense :-)

    best wishes

  2. I think it's kind of like when people say "so, are you left handed??" Err... no, I just like to laterally challenge myself whenever I handwrite stuff. Gah.

    And I also would like to add that when people say "oh, you're left handed", it's also a bit unneccesary. I think if people like your hair they should compliment you on it, if not they should shut up!

    OK, so I'm in a bad mood today. Apologies for letting the rant sprawl onto your blog.

  3. I like rants =)

    And I agree, I think people should compliment your hair (if they like it, that is) or just shut up. Hahahah

  4. I agree that people should compliment your hair as well. I mean if they say oh, you dyed your hair...could interpret that as them thinking it looks bad. :)